Thursday, May 26, 2022

I've stared a new journey as Senior DevSecOps Engineer

Hello there , how are you ? 

I'm really good !!! As you may have read on my social , starting from 16th May I've started a new position as Senior DevSecOps for Sighup

I'm really exited about this new working opportunity and I'm writing this post because this will also have effect on this blog topic that will change from the previous topics to cloud native infrastructure security , starting with tools like CyberArk Conjur .

The previous content of this blog will stay here forever, because I think that could be helpful for a while  and I've the intention to honor my HCL Ambassador role. 

I love to add that my current role of my LetsConnect user group organizer will be unchanged so I hope to meet you all again during our  next event.

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