Saturday, October 1, 2022

CyberArk Vault Synchronizer - CASVM035E Vault name is missing , how fix it

As you know one of the piace of Cybeark Conjur architecture is Synchronizer which is needed to receive the secrets from the VAUL.

Last week, I took charge of an abandoned Synchronizer 11.7 that was not working for a while and needed also to upgrade to the newest 12.7.

After the upgrade (check this link for the steps ), the windows service was unable to start and the log contained the following error:

[5] [main] FATAL VaultConjurSynchronizer.Service.SynchronizerService - VCSS006F Failed to start CyberArk Vault-Conjur Synchronizer Service: CASVM035E Vault name is missing.

After a search on google, we were pointed to the CASOS log error for the VAULT where documentations suggest calling CyberArk support .

Luckily in the case of a  Synchronizer, we fixed it easily by editing the file

C:\Program Files\CyberArk\Synchronizer\VaultConjurSynchronizer.exe.config

where the value of the key  INTEGRATION_VAULT_NAME. was blank, after we have filled it with the vault name (present in vault.ini) the service was able to run again correctly and the secrets sync was made.

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