Sunday, March 10, 2013

Moving a Traveler server to new Domino Server

In last days i've to moved a Traveler server from a Domino server who have to be discarged from the service, to a new one with new Server Id

After made some reaserch in wiki this was steps who as worked for me:

  • new server registration
  • new domino install with same version of previos Domino Traveler server
  • copy of data/traveler/ntdsdb and data/LotusTraveler.nsf from old server to new server
  • same Traveler version install in new Server
  • update of Domino and Traveler to newest release

The server was published with alias name using a Reverse proxy so after we have changed back end server to new one the mobile client (Android and iOS) has started to work through new server.

Here you could find a Wiki about some possible other scenario

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