Sunday, March 10, 2013

Notes Dictionary and remote distribution with widget and policy

Starting from Notes 8.5.1 language dictionaries are also shipped in Xtaf format with update site, and this could be useful because we could use for remote install.

On the first we have to download the dictionaries from Partnerworld you could see some 2 Part number below or look this technote for the others:

Operating System
Part Number
IBM Lotus Notes XTAF Dictionaries V8.5.3 for Windows and Linux Multilingual Windows; LinuxCI243ML
IBM Lotus Notes XTAF Dictionaries V8.5.3 for Mac MultilingualMacCI244ML

After download we have to unzip the file and we will see the update site to the dictionaries:

Now we have obtained the update site of dictionary we could choose to make a local install going to Notes client menu

File-> Application ->Install

or we could make a centralize installation importing the update site of dictionary in a Domino Update Site resident in one of our servers (here more info about that) and making a widget.

The update site is a Domino Database (from template updatesite.ntf) we could use to manage and install Notes client plugin remotely.

Now we have to open the updatesite db and use the button "Import Local Update Site" make the upload of the dictionary we would like to distrubute and after that we have to look the Database ID of the updatesite.nsf 

Now we have to construct a link  


where id is the updatesite.nsf Database ID (file ->application-> properties) and server the server name where db is stored

From a Notes Client with ID with widgets publisher rights  ( here wiki about widgets catalog creation) we have to set a new widget pointing to the updatesite.nsf:

Now we have to insert the previous link pointing to our updatesite.nsf (the nrpc link previously explained) and select the correct dictionary (in case we have many imported). Now we could click finish and we will have the Widget to publish to the catalog

At this point you have to choose if users will have to install the widget from the catalog manually or if you prefer to distribute them from a Notes Desktop Policy (after deploy a Notes will ask the restart to enable the new feature).

In the screenshot below you could see mine Italian widget where i've set Plattform and Category for distribution:

I've tried also with Notes 9.0 public beta client and the widget works fine ( for now the xtaf  was made by IBM for 8.5.3).

If you like to set the new dictionary to be the default you have to distribute also a notes.ini parameter with  SPELL_LANG=XXX where XXX is the dictionary code. The change works after a Notes restart.  
Here you could find a table with all dictionaries code.

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