Sunday, March 10, 2013

iNotes9, how to have doclinks in Notes and Web format

In this period i'm enabling some of new features in our Domino environment with my collegue Roberto.

One of new iNotes9 features is the possibility to have doclink in email in Notes format (this is the default) but also in web format.
This is could be very useful because we will sure to have all link we send working correctly without have to think where our recipient will read the email (Notes, Browser or Traveler Device).

If we would like to enable this features we have to set this from Notes Admin Client

set conf iNotes_WA_OfferNotesURLLinks=1 

After that we have to restart HTTP task and we will get a result like this

The first link will be the Notes link, the second one the Web Link. 
In the screenshot you could see also Document link (up) and App link (down)

One another great functionality is the link will be created also in email allready stored in DB

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