Tuesday, March 12, 2013

How to manage multiple connections to Sametime Community - Proxy Server

You can connect to Sametime Server in many different ways at the same time: Notes Client, Connections, Webmail, Smartphone.. and these multiple connections can be difficult to manage for your Sametime Community/Proxy server.

Here are some possible issues:
  • chat windows will open in the wrong client ! (eg Sametime proxy instead of Sametime embedded in Notes)
  • some user seems to be connected 24hx7d !
  • some user is connected but unreachable (chat windows will not open at all)
To prevent these problems you have to set the priority of the clients where Sametime Server will send the chat message.

On community server you have to modify the following parameter in the Sametime.ini file:


Here you can find a table with all the client IDs: write the ones you need in the right order instead of the default list.

If you have made any change, remember to restart the Sametime Community Server.


  1. This was such a pain to figure out but you really helped me a lot! Thank you!

    Jeff | Hong Kong Hosting

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