Friday, June 14, 2013

How to: Deploy Notes 9.0 IFR2 though Wiget and update site

In the last days IBM has released Notes 9.0 IFR2. Here you can find the related technote.
Obviously we can install manually but we can also make a deploy through Domino

All you need is
  • update site db on your Domino
  • Notes 9.0 IFR2
  • 15 minutes
First download and unzip the fix and you will have the following files and folders

At this point we have to import this IFR2 on our UpdateSite db (domino infocenter link about updateSite )
Click on  "Import Local Update Site" and select  site.xml

Wait some time for import and sign of all Fix Files

now we can see the Features imported on server

Now from Actions -> Show URLs, we have to copy the update site url 

From Notes Client go to configure new Widget from Update Site

Insert the URL of update site DB you have copied previously

select all features and go ahead

Now we will have the Widget installed on this Notes workstation , after that we have to publish on Widget Catalog selecting  "publish to catalog" 

Insert a Title and Save the document

At this point we have the Widget on Catalog and available to manual install.
If we like to provide automated deploy we have to insert the widget in a Category inserted in Desktop policy. 

We could use this steps to install and deploy other things to Notes like dictionary.

UPDATE: updated the way to obtain the updateSite URL, many thanks to Ralf Petter


  1. Thanks for the detailed description. But there is an easier way to get the url of the update site. In the actions menu of the notes client is a show url entry when the update site is open.

  2. Thanks you Peter i've not checked Actions , tomorrow i will update this guide !