Thursday, June 27, 2013

Read carefully the release notes for Connections 4.5 CR1

Many people, starting with myself, often skip reading all the documentation before upgrading a product. More often than not the release notes are not meaningful so they skip directly to the installation procedure.
For Connections 4.5 CF1 is not the case. In the release notes section of this document is stated very clearly the following "IBM Connections 4.5 environments using Connections Content Management (CCM) must upgrade the FileNet installation to 5.2.0 fixpack 1 (FP1). The FileNet fixpack must be applied first. After the FileNet fixpack is successfully applied, 4.5 CR1 should then be applied."
So, if you plan an upgrade of Connections to CR1, read the above mentioned document thoroughly.


  1. in

    they talking about a and script, but where are they???

    Do have any hints

  2. Actually I did not found them either. Investigating.... as soon as i find out I'll update my post.

  3. See the thread starting here

  4. Hi, I'm trying to install Connections CR1.
    I already installed FineNet 5.2.0 FP1, in SystemOut of connections server I see: "P8 Content Platform Engine Startup: 5.2.0 dap511.470", and if I enter the url of "AutomaticUpgradeStatus" page I see that the UpgradeStatus of ObjectStore is set to Ready.
    Can you tell me if it's correct? Can I install CR1 now or I have to do something more before?

  5. You have now to install CR1 and then go in the CCM Domain Tool directory ( e.g /opt/IBM/Connections/addons/ccm/ccmDomainTool/) and run the following commands :
    ./ -lang jython -conntype soap -username wasadminID -password wasadminPASSWORD -f /opt/IBM/Connections/addons/ccm/ccmDomainTool/ -servers cluster01_server1


    1. Hi, I installed CR1 and update arguments of JVM but when I try to execute ccmUpdate.bat I get an error:

      Is existing CCM deployment : false
      Cannot connect to any Content Platform Engine URI, please check whether the Connections Content Manager server is started

      I check the file and the value of ccm.existingDeployment is set to false
      In connections, libraries are unavailable due to an error, if i check the console administration of CPE everything seem right.
      Any suggestion?


  6. Edit the in the Connections directory and fill in the values required for CCM ( user, servername, etc...). The run ccmUpdate again

  7. After upgrade, Filenet Engine shows startup message as "P8 Content Platform Engine Startup: dap520.001.052"

    But when accessing info from https://hostname/dm, P8 API version (runtime) is still displaying version 511.470 instead of 520.001.52. Any suggestion?

    IBM FileNet Collaboration Services
    P8 API version (build): dap511.367
    P8 API version (runtime): P8 Content Platform Engine Java API dap511.470
    Quickr web services bindings build 8.0.6

  8. I think the upgrade does not change the APIs, that's why you still see that version number