Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Traveler HotFix available through PMR

In these days i've one issue on a Traveler on linux server and after a PMR i've received a HF who adress the following issues

    - LO76180 - Non-Image mime embedded attachments not readable on devices
    - LO76400 - Pending messages requiring streamed content holding up other messages 
    - LO76458 - Trying to recycle String value
    - LO76476 - Traveler must honor Server_Restricted on primary mail
    - LO76487 - derby.index-stat-thread uses excessive CPU
    - LO76547 - Fix synching loop on accepting invitation on delete errors
    - LO76550 - BB10 devices request MIME but need more control over attachment
    - LO76603 - Workaround for BlackBerry having two copies of mails in Sent

If you have one of these issues, you have to contact IBM support to obtain that fix.

I like also to propagate the IBM disclaimer about this kind of fixes

    This is an informal Hot Fix to be used to verify problem resolution and to be
    used as a temporary solution to any high priority problems as deemed by the customer. 
    By installing this Hot Fix, customer agrees to install the IBM formal fix, usually a Fix Pack,
    once it is available that will supersede this Hot Fix. 

Happy Holiday !! Buone vacanze !

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