Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Sametime Proxy 8.5.2 , Chrome 29 and White chat .... Workaround !

If you have tried to use Sametime after last Chrome 29 upgrade you have seen that the chat windows now doesn't work correctly because you can't not see the chat history (upper window white that do not show your text or other user text) and so is totally unusable...

After a PMR , IBM has told me last Chrome Browser supported was the 13.. so they don't do anything about that issue on Chrome 29..

Luckily I've made a post in Sametime forum on and Olle S Denker has provided to me a link to his fix on Chrome Webstore !!!
Thanks Olle !!!

PS i don't like at all when IBM support works this way... Traveler fix are developed every month more or less and for complex environment like Sametime we have to wait the next major release ??


  1. Thanks for the post, and awesome fix, Olle!

  2. I've update on this, IBM has provided me a fix after pmr fo have support of chrome 29 and firefox 25a

  3. It is the same in the latest FF. It will be a big failure if IBM will not be able to fix it soon.