Friday, December 27, 2013

New IBM Notes 9.0.1 localized packages released

IBM has released new Notes 9.0.1 packets. Some of previous released localized packages has problems applying Interim Fixes (hotfixes) or Fix Packs.

Here you could find the Italian PN

Notes 9.0.1 Windows           CIV55IT
Notes 9.0.1 + Des Windows CIV5FIT
Notes 9.0.1 Std                    CIV60IT
Notes 9.0.1 RPM                 CIV6AIT
Notes 9.0.1 DEB                  CIV6KIT
Notes 9.0.1 MAC                CIV7AML

Here in updated technote you could find other language partnumber

p.s Happy New Year !

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