Wednesday, April 29, 2015

IBM Verse , "Team Analytics" and "Share to blog" is disabled by default

IBM Verse have a lot of nice features but (for now) you have to enable some of that thru PMR request.

The first is named "Share to blog" and permit the direct share to blog from e-mail to a Community blog of your Connections Cloud environment.
The second one ins named "Team Analytics" that provide a button who show the organizational hierarchy from example directly inside an e-mail.

here a screenshot from an IBM presentation of the 2 buttons (I'm still waiting the activation on my environment)

Here a pic of Team analytics in actions

Below you can find the thechnote link with descriptions of this features and the way to enable

"Share to blog";
"Team analytics";

The use of "Share to blog" require a Connections Cloud S1 or S2 entitlement , the use of "Team analytics" require the load of the organizational hierarchy inside Connections Cloud environment using the IBM Integration Server .

The activation time is set on 4 business day

The activation time declared is 4 business day but in a couple of hours we had the enablement done

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