Monday, May 4, 2015

IBM Connections cloud, what's new MAY 2015

IBM has released some new features update about IBM Connections Cloud

 Upload an email file attachment to the cloud:

Now inside an email you can upload an attachement directly to  Files in the Cloud .

Out Of Office:

Added a button for OutOfOffice purposes

Team Analytics:

As i previously wrote  Team, Analytics  permit to see organizational hierarchy of email recipients

IBM Verse per Iphone:

Released the iPhone app on Apple appstore with IBM Verse features:

  • See mail from people important to you
  • Set people you interact with often as Important
  • Manage items that need follow up
  • Track who owes you a response and when
  • Work with your calendar seamlessly
  • Interact with all of your contacts
Push Notification:
Added push notification of ToDo on Apple devices, and push notification of email for Android devices!

IBM is releasing new funcionality with a speed i've never seen before and i think IBM Connections Cloud is a great environment with high prospective ! KUDOS for IBM  !!

Yesterday i forgot the link of the source, the official connections cloud Wiki . If you are interested is also available a RSS Feed with this what's new.

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