Monday, August 3, 2015

IBM Domino how to: move the DAOS repository to a new location

Sometimes I like to post some basic guide because i think is better some basic tips are written one more time that one less time ;-)

If you have the DAOS folder inside the DATA directory, please move that outside because your performance will be increased. If you need for this reason (disk full,OS change, whatever) , or for any other reason to do this move, there is a tech note to follow whit this steps:
  • change the daos path inside the server documents to point the new location  (don't forget to make a replica if you have more than 1 server..)
  • shut down the domino 
  • create the new folder and move there the daos folder (001,002 , etc )
  • delete  daos.cfg from data directory
  • open  notes.ini and update DAOSBASEPATH with new path eg DAOSBASEPATH=/local/daos
  • don't forget to update the file permission/owner if you are on unix or IBMi 
  • launch a ndaosmgr resync and wait the re-sync
  • start domino
Here you can find the IBM technote with more details.

Update 2020

 Steps are the same, but the reference link are changed, this is the link to the HCL technote.
According to the HCL Domino 10 docs, there is also an alternate way where we could edit the daos.cfg insted delete it.

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