Monday, August 3, 2015

IBM Domino how to: move the DAOS repository to a new location

Sometimes I like to post some basic guide because i think is better some basic tips are written one more time that one less time ;-)

If you have the DAOS folder inside the DATA directory, please move that outside because your performance will be increased. If you need for this reason (disk full,OS change, whatever) , or for any other reason to do this move, there is a technote to follow whit this steps:
  • change the daos path inside the server documents to point the new location  (dont forget toto make a replica if you have more than 1 server..)
  • shut down the domino 
  • create the new folder and move there the daos folder (001,002 , etc )
  • delete  daos.cfg from data directory
  • open  notes.ini and update DAOSBASEPATH with new path eg DAOSBASEPATH=/local/daos
  • don't forget to update the file permission/owner if you are on unix or IBMi 
  • launch a ndaosmgr resync and wait the resync
  • start domino
Here you can find the IBM technote with more details.

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