Wednesday, August 5, 2015

IBM Traveler , cumulative fix available through PMR

Today I've opened a PMR because one of my customers have some crash on Traveler server just upgraded to
Support have immediately send me a cumulative fix with following APAR addressed:

    - LO85507 - Meeting notice not removed from inbox when deleted from BB10 device.
    - LO85581 - Folder updates cause folders to be subscribed on the SyncML protocol using devices
    - LO85728 - APNS: Update To Dos certificates before they expire again on 20150910
    - LO85705 - Mime Documents without Mime headers are not processed correctly
    - LO85730 - Crash on stackoverflow causes fatal error on Traveler task
    - LO85746 - Signal 11 crash in OSTranslate on mime documents
    - LO85767 - Object has been removed/recycled error appears in error logs and user stops syncing       - LO85798 - Multiple accepts received for repeating event that only has parent document
    - LO85823 - Mime attachments that have an unknown content or sub
    - LO85857 - Skip recycled items in device profile to avoid sync failure from exception
    - LO85880 - Mark as unread synced to server but not reflected in Notes client (Android only)
    - LO85885 - Body fields as text with PDF attachments were not able to be downloaded to the                                  device

if you are some of this APAR on you system you can open a PMR to obtain this fix or you have to wait the new public release that should be released soon.


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  2. We haven't had any of the above issues since upgrading to, but have an issue where when Traveler is restarted via a weekly scheduled task, the console is filled with messages like this one until Domino is restarted (also restarting Traveler again):

    07/27/2015 07:39:40 AM HTTP JVM: 533865320 [Traveler- 0727073845403_CN=USER NAME/O=DOMAIN-830] INFO - Traveler: IBM Traveler task did not respond within the allotted time frame (55,000 milliseconds). Client request denied for CN=USER NAME/O=DOMAIN.

    So far IBM Support seems to be stumped.

    1. Hello Nicki,so you have a scheduled a traveler restart and you get that errors after that? Traveler while you getting that error is responding correctly? Maybe it looks like something will hang during task restart. Wich server OS?