Thursday, November 19, 2015

IBM Connections cloud Notes, configure a Notes client working with ID Vault

ID Vault was one of the greatest features introduced to IBM Domino and Notes last years. If you are working with IBM Connections cloud Notes, you can of course, working with the ID vault to secure the IDs and works better and easier.

Notes user migrated to the Connections cloud Notes are included in Cloud vault and you have to unlock the dowload resetting the pasword.

To reset Notes password you have to open the administrations using a service Admin logged to web administration

Admin -> Manage organization  menu then

Go to users
search and open the user

Here you can see all Notes info about the user including if the ID is available in the Vault and of course you can reset that password
Now the download from the vault is unlocked so next time the user without the ID will open the client the ID will be dowloaded and the new password was asked.
After first login the user will be forced to change the password.

If you have to make a fresh config of a Notes client without having the ID follow the next steps

  1. Reset the password for the Notes ID   as previously described 
  2. During the Notes configurations insert the Notes full name and the cloud HomeServer (in myy chase Matteo Bisi/Factor-y/IT and ICCMail33/ICC/Factor-y/IT )
  3. Wait until Notes goes in error because is unable to find the server then select TCPIP connections and provide one of the following DNS name depending on the data center your company uses : or or
Now Notes will end the setup and download the user ID.

To end the Notes configuration another step will be required. login to the service with user account and go to Downloads and Setup

 Now go to Notes Client config and dowload the config.nsf 

Run config.nsf  , Join the service  then restart Notes and you have done !

Using config.nsf is foundamental to have Notes fully configured to the service with all connections required.

Here the IBM technote about Notes reconfigure without ID and  here the wiki page about Notes configuration to the service.

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