Sunday, November 8, 2015

IBM Connections how to: increment file maximum size

In IBM Connections 5 the default maximum size for file upload is set to 500MB
This post would be a simple reminder for the step needed to extend the size:

Start a  wsadmin client

Start files admin


Check-out of files config

FilesConfigService.checkOutConfig("/opt/ibm/workdir", "ConnecitonsCell01")

Set the file masimum size to 1GB 

FilesConfigService.updateConfig("", "1048576") 

Chek-in files config

FilesConfigService.checkInConfig("/opt/ibm/workdir", "ConnecitonsCell01")

Sync connections node


Check the files config to see if previous command has worked fine


If you have expanded the maximum file size probably would be nice to expand the personal library policy too for example to  2GB


To be sure that users gets the configuration you have to force the browser cache to be purged changing the version stamp.

IBM reccomand to not exceed   2GB about maximum file size.
If your user is working with big files i suggest also to check if http or was config for download files was done during Connections setup.

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