Sunday, December 13, 2015

Are you interested to have in IBM Verse the ability to send from multiple internet addresses? Here is the way

This year we have been working a lot with IBM Connections Cloud because our customers are starting to trust Cloud as service and IBM is making a good job with the Dual Entitlement licence.

One of the features asked for is the ability to send from multiple internet addresses using IBM Verse or at least using Smarcloud iNotes.

The answer is there is no way to do that, as it cannot be done with Domino on premise users too (yes, there are a couple of workarounds about that, but custom template or Notes location are involved).

I've a dream, because I like IBM Verse: IBM Verse could be better than Notes !!! (#NewWayToWork)

If you don't know it already, it is possible to make feature requests through PMRs, so last Friday I opened a PMR about this issue and I obtained this reference: Enhancement Request SPR # PANNA54M6H and APAR LO87385 "The ability of a Verse or SmartCloud user have multiple internet addresses".

If this feature will have many requests, there'll be more chances of IBM releasing it with future releases.

If you think IBM Verse should have this feature like its competitors, please spend 10 minutes of your time and open a PMR about that! You can make direct reference to our APAR and SPR numbers.

I grew up with Lotus Notes but I'm an IBM Verse user since the beta program and I think IBM Verse could be the future of collaboration ! There are a couple of features that could help us to work better and I think this could be one of them.

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  1. I will go for it - it's an anachronism of IBM Mailsystems to only handle one internet address per user or even further only one inbox per user.