Wednesday, December 16, 2015

IBM Notes 9.0.1 FP5IF1 standard for windows available for download

IBM has released on fixcentral FP5 IF1 for standard Notes on Windows that address the upgrade issue releated on FP5 and addresses also some Sametime embedded defects:

MBLTA4SEFKInstall error upgrading to IBM Notes Standard 9.0.1 Fix Pack 5 from earlier 9.0.1 Fix Pack or Hotfix (technote 1972353)
CSMHA2NPX3Need to move the base platform configuration processing from uninstall to disable stage
Defect 31150The photo in chat history will be superimposed once the business card shows incorrect and you switch them back and forth
Defect 31493Photo is not saved from Person Cache when hovering quickly from person cache to bizcard cache
Defect 31647Chat partner is still displayed as available in business card when user is offline
Defect 31860Fix no default picture on the business card if the user has not uploaded a photo

I've just upgraded a Notes 9.0.1 FP4 and all was worked fine.
The good news is this FP5 IF1 is cumulative so you can use this to upgrade any other 9.0.1 FPX and if you have already installed the previous FP5 is not mandatory unless you need the Sametime embedded fix.

Here the  IBM technote upgraded with all detail about this FP5 IF1.


  1. The installed failed, with the error message that it had failed and to look at the log, the log gave no clues either why it had failed. IBM is not doing very well on this bug fix.

    1. Sad to see there are still issue ! Yesterday I've upgraded some notes from FP4 and from FP5 first release to test and all in my case worked fine.