Saturday, December 5, 2015

How to: Configuring options in IBM Domino to improve Meeting interoperability with non-Notes calendar users

When you are sending meeting invitation from Domino users to other mail system you could have some issue for example about accept/decline button.

I've made some tries from Notes to gmail and without interview the invitation on gmail was as you see below

The recipient could add the invitation to his google calendar but without a button to accept or decline the invitation the meeting chief will not receive update on invitation so he is not able to see if a user has accept the meeting.

Fortunately starting from Domino 8.5.1 we could fix this behavior using notes.ini (that could be deployed to Notes client through desktop setting) or using a Mail settings inside a policy.
The notes.ini parameter is $CSCompatibilityMode

This is a client/server parameter and could be configured with following options:

  • 0 - Option is hidden and off for all meetings created on that client.
  • 1 - Option is hidden and defaults to on for all meetings created on that client. The chair cannot see the option nor make any changes to it.
  • 2 - Option is displayed and defaults to off for all meetings created on that client. The meeting chair can use the option to set whether it is on or off for each meeting created. The chair can also update the selection later to turn the option on or off at that time.
  • 3 - Option is displayed but is locked on for all meetings..

The default value is 0, when you set this at 2 or 3 at next meeting you will see a new checkbox

If you select the check box sending the meeting to Gmail user you will fix the issue and you will get a correct invitation with all button to accept or decline the invitation that will be send the status back to the Notes user so the meeting chief could have the correct status about invitation.

The other and more complexed whay could be using a Mail settings where you can have more options but not the equivalent to $CSCompatibilityMode=3.

Setting "manual control compatibility mode with checkbox" you will have an equivalent of $CSCompatibilityMode=2.

If you set Detect compatibilty mode from attendee addresses you can drive the compatibilty depending of the recipient address using a table where you set the mail system corrispondance:

here on domain mapping i could set for example * as Google Mail application name

in next tab you can see the different settings for email application

Obviously using this way could have  a better behavior for all mail system but you have to manually maintain the table with the corrispondance between domain and mail system .

In theory the invitation with more issue could be the one with repeating meeting because have different architecture in Domino than other but the issue occurred at the top of this article was on a single time meeting.

If you will use $CSCompatibilityMode you have to set it on client and server. In Connections Cloud hybrid architecture the invitation sent from IBM Verse or iNotes was already working correctly.

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