Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Sad but true IBM has pulled Notes Standard 9.0.1 Fix Pack 5 for Windows from Fix Central

IBM has pulled out from fixcentral the brand new FP5 because there is an issue upgrading from previous FP or Hotfix installed that prevent the correct end and also prevent Notes to run ..

If you will try to upgrade Notes from previous FP you will probably get this error

"The wizard was interrupted before IBM Notes 9.0.1 FP5 could be completely installed." At this point, Notes may not launch. Installing 9.0.1 FP5 on 9.0.1 Gold installs without error.

Only the standard version on windows is affectet but IBM is investigating about the behavior on Linux.


  1. Upgradig from an intermediate fix has been iffy for a while.

    My strategy for succes:
    IF running an intermediate version, say 9.0.1 FP4 IF2, ALWAYS revert to the FP4 by running the IF2 patcher again.
    Then install FP5. When I do this for Notes clients and Domino servers, the install goes smoothly, and I have no problems.

  2. What Lars says is correct for both clients and servers.

    I actually downloaded FP5 yesterday and it installed fine over my FP4 install (with no hotfixes).

    It looks to me like IBM have discovered a problem that us admins have known about for years! :)

  3. I've start noted this issue some fixpack ago on Notes 9.0.1. After that on my personal laptop i've worked without any hotfixes or any Sametime embedded upgrade. Usually in this case the upgrade was worked fine but with last FP5 don't.
    IBM cannot pretend to force all customer to downgrade all client before update. Sincerely i've never understand the strategy of this kind of upgrade (eg making slipstreamed setup with FP embedded , why not? ). I really hope this time they will fix this kind of issue.
    Anyway i think we have to wati until notes 9.0.2 to have something better like live update that works quite good on IBM Sametime downloaded from Connections Cloud. Personally I've dropped Notes for personal use in favor of IBM Verse +Sametime Connect and i'm happy like i wasn't in years.

  4. I forgot a step: before each install, I make sure the IBM Domino and Notes related services (like but not limited to: IBM Notes/Domino Diagnostics, IBM Notes Smart Upgrade Service, Multi-user Cleanup Service) are stopped.
    If in use, also the Notes Single User login service (Note: Shared Logon works better for me)
    I also stop these after the hotfix uninstall has finished.