Sunday, June 26, 2016

IBM Client application access 1.0.1 available for download

Some weeks ago IBM has released the new IBM Client application access 1.0.1 with some interesting new features:

  • An improved user experience. ICAA now runs as a stand-alone application on both Mac OS and Microsoft Windows. Previously, ICAA on Windows ran in a browser
  • Support for @commands
  • Improved integration with IBM Verse by offering a look and feel consistent with Verse
  • ICAA can now co-exist with IBM Notes® 9.0 or 9.0.1. When you install ICAA and Notes is already installed, Notes stays on your computer and ICAA uses the Notes data directory

ICAA offer same users experience as a Notes Basic client but with some interesting features

Auto Update

Yes... ICAA like Sametime Client downloaded from cloud has an auto update service!

If you are a system administrator you can configure the behavior of this features using the integration server. See the related doc here..

First config
ICAA has a simple checkbox that simplify the first client configuration, so are you a cloud user? Check the box an click next ...
This feature is not available on Notes regular client.

In my opinion ICAA could be a great solution if you still have (legacy?) client application that you must use thru the client.  If you like to simplify Notes client management (auto update) and have your Notes user happy having a speedy you have to consider this alternative to the standard Notes client.

If you like to try , search the following part number


See here for the official documentation

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