Wednesday, September 14, 2016

IBM Domino and IBM Notes 9.0.1 , today was a good day ! Support extendet at least to 2021 and new FP7 released.

Today was a good day for IBM Domino and Notes, because IBM has announced the extension of support at least to  9 Sept 2021 and also they will continue to develop new features though the brand new Feature pack.

About this topics you can read a lot of blog post like this one from Roberto and this one from Paul.

IBM later on the day have released the new Fixpack 7 for 9.01 on fixcentral that will entroduce a lot of new fixes and also new functionality like Xenserver 7.7 support and new SSL encryption features.

To read more about FP7 , check this post from Johnny .

Now i like to end this post with repeating the start  sentence :

Today was a good day for Domino and Notes , we will have new features and support (at least) for next 5 years !!

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