Thursday, September 15, 2016

Icon uk domino's roadmaps

Hello all, i'm in London for ICON UK and i'm looking  the roadmap sessions from Uffe and Barry.

They just confirm the news about extend domino support ungtil 2021 and they are saying also another things : from here we will have fixed delivery date of new sodtware and reached the day we was declared we will ship it.... amazing!

Verse on prem will be available starting from November 18th
VOP will be included in following entitlement
Ceo plus Messaging or enterprise Cal / pvu
Messaging collaboration express
Dual entitlement

Docs viewer entitlement will be included into vop too to makes a sinilar experience than cloud version.

MIcrosoft Ouloook for mac support isn't now yet scheduled because is a completely differnt technologies that win version.. we will investigate next month to see if this version could be requested enough to build a dedicated version.

IBM Notes templates will be delivered as dedicated setup during next month while requested.

Notes client is not death but the emphasis will be on Verse on premises. 


  1. What does the comment about "IBM Notes Templates" mean?


    1. Hi David. Template updates (now included in new domino release) will be released as a package when needs . This package is new, and they haven't decided yet how named it.

    2. What templates might they update? Did they say? I've not seem them update an actual template in a long time.

  2. They haven't updated them in a long, long, long time.......

    I am happy to see Java 8 mentioned. Any hope that DDE will be updated?