Friday, September 16, 2016

ICONUK, some news about IBM Verse on prem

This morning i followed another great session from  IBMer Barry Rosen.

Verse on prem (VOP) will be available as gold image during next December

VOP will be available as zip file to download, and the setup will be very simple , so you will have to copy someting over domino file system and start it ! Obviously some configuration to the IBM Connections parts involved should be done to inside some properties.

VOP is thinked to be easy to setup and mantain .. can't wait to see it live!

To have a complete Verse experience, you will have to integrate VOP to your IBM Connections environment or if do not have one, IBM will provide free entitlement for IBM Connections profiles, files, and Docks viewer.

Last thing the VOP search will use  on Domino engine and not solr like cloud version did.

Now some slides from Barry's session

verse on prem architecture

Verse on prem timeline

How do i get VOP

IN the next slide you can see the new prioratize inbox that will be released too and will use Watson to analyze and prioritize mail for you and your business ( this feature will be available first in english then in other languages)

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