Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Breaking News: IBM Domino Application on Cloud will be avaiable October 2017

Yesterday in Tokio during the IBM Notes/Domino Day 2017 OGS ED Brill has announced the availability of IBM Domino Application on Cloud ( DAC ) for October 2017 !!

DAC will be the perfect complement for IBM Connections Cloud / Smartcloud Notes because allows customers to migrate Domino Application to PAAS :

Right now the data center announced will be  3:
  • USA: Dallas 
  • EU: Frankfurt 
  • Asia Pacific: Japan
IBM has already in plan to expand the data center number and build others sites like Australia, China and many others.

Customer will be charged annually for at least 10 dbs (max 25gb size) and must bring they own license.

These will be some of the features offered by the service:
  • Dedicated server for your account (or multiple servers if required)
  • Access through  Notes, Icaa and Web
  • Daily data backup
  • Data-At-Rest encryption
  • A monthly report providing a summary of the number of applications hosted, total storage used by applications, scheduled and unscheduled maintenance and other alerts and noticed for the client.

DAC will be build using CENTOS and Docker so we could expect the certification of this distro for FP10 like Docker who was already announced.

System administration will be in charge of IBM service.

In my opinion DAC is a great announcement because will cover the features missed by IBM Connections cloud 

For most details please read  this post of the Japanese IBM Champion Kazunori Tatsuki  , this blog post from Daniele Vistalli and check the following official video where you could see the brand new Domino gold icon :-)


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