Tuesday, September 26, 2017

IBM Watson Workspace available !

IBM has announced  the availability of Watson Workspace, formely know as "Project Toscana".

Watson Workspace  is a real time collabotation app with following features:
  • Group & individual persisten chat
  • Presence, file and image sharing
  • Multi OS Client 
  • Enterprise Grade, single sign-on
but what is making Watson Workspace different between competitors is are the cognitive capabilities guarantee by Watson and the availability of Webhooks API, Graph API e Cognitive APIs that made ths team collaboration app an application platform capable to integrate collaboration and corporate Application like CRM or ERP

The cognitive feature available from start is named "moments" that allow users to summarize conversation in key points with 1 click.
Hundreds of integrations is already available using the integration guarantee using IFTT or Workato.

Watson Worskpace is available in 2 editions named preview and Essentials:

  • Free
  • 1GB storage per user
  • No enterprise management
  • Online forum as support
  • 6$/user/month
  • 20Gb storage limit per user
  • Enterprise Admin & Management with SSO
  • Guest user management
Other features guarantee will also be emoticons, Presence awareness, Notifications, Mentions, Files and image sharing ,  Space membership controls and App catalog.

IBM Watson Workspace is available right now in US Datacenter but other regional DC are in plan with also dedicate cloud in roadmap.

The only language available right now is English but during October will be available also

  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Portuguese (Brazilian)
  • Spanish
with out of box intend identification expected later in Q4 2017.

In my opinion IBM Watson Workspace is the piece missed in IBM Collaboration software portfolio and i can't wait to see the natural integration with IBM Connections !

More details available following this link to the IBM Marketplace

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  1. Only available by invite only. I'd like to see it but It just seems like a competetior to Smart Cloud, I mean Connections Cloud, I mean NOTES/Sametime.