Friday, November 10, 2017

ICON UK Events: Around the Table - Nov 17 : Domino and Notes 10, Verse On Prem 1.0.3, Domino 9.0.1 Fp10 and more ! Replay available

Today there was a really interesting webinar from the monthly  ICON UK around the table webinar about IBM di Domino 10 announcement and others interesting topics.

I really enjoyed the Q&A part with
These are some response:

Jam will be mostly about the future after Domino10 but IBM will listen about request to better understand  what community and customers needs and  to prioritize the related developments
9.0.1 FP10
FP10 will be released probably during January 2018

Beta program Domino10
Yes ! There will be a beta program !

Domino 10 e Notes 10
Yes ! We will also  have Notes 10

Verse On prem 1.0.3 
Probably during December 2017 (second half) will be released VOP 1.0.3 with mail&calendar delegation and maybe Sametime integration .

There is no no intent to discontinue but the future is under reviews .

Below the webinar replay from   ICON UK youtube channel   (thanks guys for your work! )

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