Thursday, November 16, 2017

WebSphere How To: fix errore ADMG0011E while Application Server deletion

Working on a WebSphere environment I was unable to delete an Application server getting the error ADMG0011E:

An error occurred while deleting the server. ADMG0011E: An unexpected exception occurred AdminException: Exception in removeTargetFromCUs()..

Inside DMGR and NodeAgent logs I wasn't able to find anything related but inside DMGR FFDC, folder I got a log generated during the deletion time frame with following exceptions:

Caused by: CWWMH0121E: Could not read configuration data for composition unit "WebSphere:cuname=<Application_Name>,cuedition=BASE". Error data: Enterprise application data for composition unit "WebSphere:cuname=<Application_Name>,cuedition=BASE" could not be read. at

After some research  I've found this question on  DeveloperWorks and than I've fixed the issue following this steps:

  1. Deployement Manger stop
  2. check inside WAS_INSTALL_ROOT/profiles/Dmgr_ProfileName/config/cells/Cell_Name/applications if an  Application_Name.ear folder with same FFDC name Application_Name was present
  3. If the folder on step 2 was missing check inside WAS_INSTALL_ROOT/profiles/Dmgr_ProfileName/config/cells/Cell_Name/blas and than delete  Application_Name if present
  4. check inside WAS_INSTALL_ROOT/profiles/Dmgr_ProfileName/config/cells/Cell_Name/cus if the  Application_Name folder is present than delete
  5. Deployement Manger start
  6. Full Nodes Sync from WebSphere console
  7. Tried again to delete the  Application server and it worked!

Thanks to  Jeanette Daly for the detailed response provided at this page .

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