Monday, December 10, 2018

IBM Connections DOCS 2.0 CR3 if 006 available for download

IBM has released over fixcentral a new huge cumulative update for DOCS 2.0 CR3 named Ifix 006.

This is the new fixes of this version:

  • Fixed the issue of failing to open files when the browser language setting is en-* other than en, en-us, or en-gb by providing a solution of language fallback to en.
  • Fixed the sanity check failure of soffice process on Linux Conversion server.
  • Fixed the hang issue caused by some files with specific wmf images.
  • Fixed a rare issue that content might be corrupted when multiple editors start editing the same document at the same time.
Documents editor:

  • Fixed the issue of one specific document that contains empty shape cannot be opened after publishing.
  • Fixed the issue of title shown as "undefined" in the dialog of  Insert Special Character.
  • Fixed the issue that some comment items are duplicated in the view of comments list when co-editing.
Presentations editor:
  • Added Copy Formatting that you can use to quickly copy and apply text styles and list styles by clicking the icon.
  • Increased the supported file size to 300 slides and 100MB, and removed the restriction of 3000 objects(such as text boxes, shapes, images and OLE objects).
  • Fixed the issue that font size shown in IBM Docs presentation editor is smaller than in MS office.
Spreadsheets editor:
  • Fixed the date time formatting issue in some specific time zones (for example, Dublin Summer Time) after upgrading your browser.
  • Fixed the issue that documents cannot be opened in Viewer when watermark is turned on.

Clicking here , you could read the releated IBM technotes  the setup guide is a pdf included in the package.

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