Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Huge updates for IBM Connections 6.0 are been released on fixcentral ! (spoiler aller CR4 with some other nice gift ! )

IBM has released on fixcentral a huge update for Connections , the CR4 with  Component Pack ,  Customizer Lite 1.0 and new mobile application already available on the appstores.

regarding CR4

The following new interesting functionality are also added:
  • Communities: Newly designed Community Catalog page helps to quickly take in, and sort, filter, act on Communities
  • Communities: Easily unsubscribe from Community emails that you no longer wish to receive
  • Wiki: Automatically locks a wiki page to avoid editing conflicts
  • Files: New card-based view for recently viewed files
  • Files: “Share via Link” makes it easy to share and grant read access to personal and Community files
  • Orient Me: Embedded Experience for external events
  • Orient Me: Announcement Banner for organizational news keeps everybody up-to-date
  • Newsletter and Notifications: Emails pull people into Connections – new layout, fresh design, de-duplication
  • Highlights app: New widget configuration UX with live-preview
  • Metrics: Export to csv; custom date range for all People/Participation reports

Component pack includes  security and functional fixes.

Another special mention for CustomizerLite 1.0 that is released as stand alone docker image so customer not interested to other component pack part, included Kubernetes could deploy it on Doker engine with Docker compose. 

More documentation will be released during next hours , starting from tomorrow I'll start to work on this huge gift, thanks IBM :-)

This blogpost from René Schimmer it's containing some valuable info about all sw released.

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