Wednesday, February 6, 2019

This are my favorites 10 trending ideas from Domino and Connections Aha! Portal .

With the excuse to tell you my 5 favorite ideas taken from the first 3 pages of the categories "tranding ideas" I like to spend some lines introducing the Aha! portals dedicated to IBM sw for the one who could have missed it .

Over the past months IBM has launched Aha! portals for many of its products, including Domino (with Notes, Verse, Sametime) and Connections.

Aha! is a portal as a service specialized in software development, able to provide a series of tools behind the scenes (therefore only visible to developers and project managers), to catalog, manage and transform the ideas collected into road-map, to be followed during the development.

If you are a user of the IBM ICS products, I want to see the portals dedicated to Domino and Connections m available here:

IBM has repeatedly said that ideas are read, monitored and managed with this tools daily.

If you have in mind features important for you that are missing in the products you use every day, go to the above addresses, register for free and contribute: this is the best way to be heard by the devs and have hopes that functionality will be added in the future.

Obviously it is all at the discretion of the developers, it is not a democracy and not all ideas will be made .... but I reiterate the importance in devoting a few minutes when you have free time to read the ideas by voting and / or commenting.

To have the excuse of this post I have read the first 3 pages of the categories "Trending" of Domino and Connection and I chose 5 ideas that seemed to me more interesting , I report them below hoping to stimulate your curiosity for visit and contributions:

Aha! portals of Domino and Connections are not the only 2 IBM portals currently available, just do a quick search on google and you can also find the following:


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