Thursday, November 18, 2021

HCL Connections - desktop plugins has been updated with new OS supports and more !

One of the features that my HCL Connections users are using most is the desktop plugin but it's also one of the most forgotten part , because like Connections itself needs to be upgraded !

HCL is doing a great job , releasing from time to time an upgraded version that introduce bug-fixing and new functionalities.

Some days ago, with the "November" update desktop plugins was updated with some functionality like official support for  Windows 11 and   Mac OS Monterey , 11 new languages supported, file transfer ownership support and more!

To have the complete list of the new functionality and the direct link to Flexnet where download this version, please visit the following pages

If you are interested in desktop plugin do not forget also to check  HCL Connections ideas site, where a lot of nice ideas are placed and needs your comments or vote to be implemented. 

For example this are my 3 favorites improvement as Connections admin that I like to be implemented in future releases: 

There is a lot of more nice features also from user prospective, so please register yourself and help HCL to understand what you need to be implemented in future updates !

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