Monday, November 15, 2021

HCL Connections - how customize user invite theme

 HCL Connections is a customizable product, using the traditional way with " <CNX-CUSTOMIZATION-DIR>  " or using customizer.

During this days we are working on an upgrade to version 7 where the whole cnx theme it was supposed to be customized in red even the Invite guest 

After some test without the result ,  because the HCL documentation was not updated (invite application is NOT mentioned even reading version 7.0 doc) we have found the correct path in a css comment .... 

/* Fallback content for custom styles. Please create the styling file '<CNX-CUSTOMIZATION-DIR>/invite/stylings/custom.css' to use this feature! */

The comment was right and after we have set the css in the right place , the customization was live

HCL , please write the documentation also in the correct place ( wiki docs) ;-) 

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